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Grilled pork tenderloin

Difficulty level: easy

Diners: 2

Preparation time: 1h 15'


  • 340 g of pork tenderloin in two steaks
  • 2 tablespoons of stir-fry sauce (made with julienned onion, concasséed tomato chunks, thyme and garlic)
  • 10 Gorgonzola cheese dices
  • Tempura batter (flour mixed with very cold water)
  • Onion, peeled and chopped
  • Black pepper, salt and herbs
  • 12 slices of sliced potato
  • 2 tablespoons of red pesto
  • Extra virgin olive oil
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Season the pork and grill it au point with a little olive oil.
Cook the potato and the stir-fry sauce in the oven for 45 minutes with enough oil, onion, salt, pepper and herbs.
Immerse the Gorgonzola cheese in the tempura and fry.
Dish up the pork with the potatoes and stir-fry sauce.
Dress with the red pesto and add the fried cheese on top.

The most tantalising pork

The Cullera de Boix chef, Xavier Matarrodona, provides this dish with personality with a touch of Italian cheese.

The pig is surely the animal that is mostly leveraged in the kitchen. One of the most mellow and exquisite parts is the tenderloin (its name already gives us clues), and the chef of the Cullera de Boix restaurants, Xavier Matarrodona, presents a recipe which is simple to cook, i.e. grilled, with a luxury garnish. Potatoes, which are always welcome when it comes to meat, are complemented, in this case, with the strong personality of Gorgonzola, an Italian blue cheese which tastes great with a tempura batter

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