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Sautéed mushrooms and foie cream

Difficulty level: medium

Diners: 4

Preparation time: 30'


  • 640 g of seasonal mushrooms (chanterelles, fairy rings)
  • 8 garlic shoots cut into sticks
  • Salt and black pepper
  • 8 slices of Iberian ham
  • Chopped chives
  • Maldon salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil


For the foie gras cream:

  • 400 g of cream and 160 g of foie gras
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For the foie gras cream: heat the cream with the foie. Boil for 1 min and mash thoroughly, pouring the cream through a mesh sieve. Reheat until obtaining a thick cream.
Sauté the clean chopped mushrooms with the garlic shoots in a skillet with a little oil. Season to taste.
Put a couple of tablespoons of the foie cream on each plate forming small tears, add the mushrooms, chives, Maldon salt and ham.

The Cullera de Boix chef, Xavier Matarrodona, has created a combination that you can serve both as an appetizer or as the main course of a meal. And, best of all, it is very easy to prepare!

Not only in autumn

Mushrooms are not exclusive to the last months of the year. Some varieties can be tasted as well in the hot season

There are combinations that are a guaranteed success, and the one offered by the chef of the Cullera de Boix restaurants, Xavier Matarrodona, with this recipe is a safe bet: mushrooms, Iberian ham and foie gras. Because, indeed, mushrooms can be found beyond autumn or, if you prefer, you can also make the most of one of the preserves you may have prepared in November. Then you only need to invite someone home to try this recipe or, why not, cook it for you: as it is, little pleasures can also be enjoyed in privacy.

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